Saturday, April 19, 2008

Newest member of the zoo

This is our 6 month old Boston Terrier. He's papered. Recently neutered (which didn't faze him) because he kept humping his bear. We were going to breed him but decided it would be too much trouble in the long run. He's a pain in the ass most of the time. He's not yet potty trained and I'm starting to doubt he ever will be completely. It's funny how they get these unique personalities and mannerisms. These are his preferences in order; His white teddy bear because he sleeps with it, chews on it, and STILL humps it. Unconditional love at it's finest. He loves me because I spoiled him as a puppy. Dawson because he plays with him the most. Dave (not sure why). Ariana because she has food most of the time that he wants. The cats because they are something to harass when he has nothing else to do. We are pretty sure they hate him. He loves strangers. Especially our poor neighbors. He's kinda smart. He can sit on command, but still takes off out the door and into the street every chance he gets and doesn't respond to our calls. We have to chase him down which is no easy feat since he is very fast and maneuverable. We love him. Stupid fugly dog.


David said...

tank is something else thats for sure. He really is smart as hell sometimes but still has a puppies tendency to act first, think later.