Saturday, August 29, 2009


As you can see, my daughter took the liberty to "bling" my blog.
That's great and all, but somehow she lost my pictures.
As many of you know, Dawson was diagnosed in June with Cystic Fibrosis.
He is doing well with the treatments so far.
We go Monday to Primary Childrens for his monthly check up.
It's always nerve-racking, as I don't do well in medical type situations.
Let alone hospitals.
I try so hard to be strong for him, and pray I don't faint in the process.
He on the other hand is such a trooper.
The company I work for makes machines that test for this disease.
Ironic I know.
They have asked to use him as a positive guinea pig for a new product they are perfecting.
He's not too hip on the idea, so I have informed them he will need to be compensated/bribed.
Luckily for them it doesn't take much.
School started.
That in itself has been a challenge.
Just getting them out of bed.
Trying to figure out bus schedules.
Taxiing kids everywhere.
I'm sure many of you can relate.
Dawson started middle school and loves it.
Except gym.
He says his gym teacher is a "DB".
From what I've heard so far about the guy, I kinda agree.
Is that a prerequisite for gym teachers?
'Cause I don't remember ever meeting one that wasn't.
Oh wait. There was my ex brother in-law...
nope. GIANT DB.
On the positive, he isn't the smallest kid in his class.
And he has made a lot of friends so far.
One of his smaller friends got shoved into a locker by a 7th grader.
I didn't really believe this sort of thing actually happened until he told me this.
Ariana started high school.
Ah freshman year.
I'm having anxiety attacks (for her) all over again.
Can you believe they charge $5 a tardy after the initial complimentary 3???
They scheduled her gym class (at the rec center) right before her last class
which is the furthest possible room on the 3rd floor with only 5 minutes to get to it.
It's extortion I tell you!
She has also discovered that "football players are hot".
and "Soccer players are even hotter".
I can't wait until she sees the baseball players and wrestlers.
It's going to be a long year.
I'm sure we will manage through it like all parents before us have.
I'm off to get my Valium prescription filled now.