Friday, April 17, 2009

What's up chicken butt?

Well, I realized today I haven't blogged in a while. I have no great excuse other than distractions.
Bowling league is coming to an end and I'm ready for a break. All and all I improved over the season. I started out with a 115 average and am now more of a 160ish average. It took me all season to realize I need a heavier ball. I guess I'm stronger than I look.
U12 boys soccer season is now in session. Weather permitting of course. I'm assisting (aka secretaryship) with Dave which is a challenge in itself. 10 games and the 1st one was already canceled due to inclement weather.
I was informed recently that I may be also playing co-ed softball soon. I love softball. More so when I am in shape and can actually run instead of hobble around the bases. Guess I better get to doing some sprints around the LHS track.
That's all. This is Nancie Gerard signing off for now. Or at least the weekend.