Friday, December 5, 2008

Spreading the love...

help us help hungry peeps

WHAT: Cache Valley Illuminati food drive
WHERE: Macey’s in Providence, Utah (near the front door)
WHEN: Friday, Dec. 5 from 4-6 pm
WHY: Because you love me, or you care about other human beings, or you are on Santa’s naughty list and need to redeem yourself. You really don’t need a reason. Just come!

Ever want to meet a member of the Cache Valley Illuminati? TODAY IS THE DAY! Just come down to Macey’s in Providence between 4 and 6 pm today for your chance. I'm not officially a member of the Illuminati (yet) but I'm going anyway to help out and show support.

Jess and Brigitte from SHSNE will be there to sign autographs. We even might get Tyler Riggs to sign a few. I'll sign an autograph if you want. I'll even do body parts.

SPECIAL TREAT! Tyler Riggs from KVNU For the People, and also an Illuminati member, will be broadcasting his show live from Macey’s. I may even get on to say a few words. I may have to. Maybe I should have a drink or two. I get awful stage fright.

Come on down. Say hello. Eat at Macey's deli. It rocks. It's for a good cause. All we are asking for is a can of food to help the less fortunate this Christmas. It's not much. We’ll be wearing santa hats and reindeer horns (and hopefully other clothes).

see you there!


jess said...

you looked so cute n christmas-y, too! i had a blast even tho i was only there for an hour.