Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movie review time

I resisted the urge to go see The Day the Earth Stood Still without my husband today. See, I'm considerate that way.
So the kids and I went to see Bolt instead. My teenage daughter had already seen it once with her friends, and since she was so willing to go see it again, I figured it must be pretty good.
It was cute, but I'm thinking it could have waited for video. However it was a nice way to spend time with each other and stay out of the cold. My other option was to stay home to clean and bark at the kids to help out. Who wants to do THAT on a Sunday??
I guess we could have went to church... BWAHAHAHA! Ok. I'm going to hell.
Seriously now. Even though it's closer, I'm still protesting Stadium 8. I know, I know. All Westates are owned by the same person. But I have my reasons for protesting this particular theater. It's dirty. It's unkept. The staff is incompetent. I could go on.
We went to the new theater behind the mall again. There were a total of 6 people in the theater. Including us. The popcorn was cold. This "Free drink and popcorn" if you donate a can of food crap was a joke. It's for a kid sized popcorn OR drink. What the hell did I expect? I donated our canned food anyway and bought the large combo. At least the movie was uninterupted.


The Dave said...

same tightwad owner.. different theatre..