Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No. That isn't a typo. WTFT=What the French Toast. The rated G version of WTF.
My patience finally paid off! I bought a bike. Courtesy of Al's Sporting Goods Labor day sale.
It's a Trek. 21 speed. 16 more speeds than I need. Comfort/cruiser. Big butt seat. Upright riding. Pink. Pearly pink. No, I wasn't planning on buying a pink bike. But it was irresistibly cute!!! Very girly. I got a very girly helmet to go with it. With flowers. I'm sure I look like a TOTAL dork on it. But guess what? I don't care! It's so much fun. And effortless. And it was a good deal. I think. Retailed at $480 on sale for $295 plus tax. So if you see me riding around Cache Valley, please try not to run me over. And if you honk, I'll wave. If I'm not beefing it...


The Dave said...

She looks great on her bike. It is WAY cool as well. Very relaxed frame that rides like a beach cruiser but much more functional. It has front shocks to absorb riding the great paved roads of Logan and a bell so she can wave to people like Brent :-)

His Pale Muse said...

hey i like this thing so I made one. Check it out It still needs some tweaking but I am a writer so this will be a nice creative outlet

congrats on ur bike. I cant wait till its easier to take little Jesse out and exersize. Ive got like 40 lbs that wont leave me alone. I need to run away from it.