Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I survived

Saturday was brutal. See previous post. Sunday's venture to Lagoon was fun and relaxing, but wore me out. The weather turned out fairly nice and we spent most of the time at Lagoona beach coasting around on tubes in the water. We did a few rides with the kids, stopped off for dinner on the way home, and finally got home about 11:30pm. I hobbled to work yesterday and hung in there the best I could. I came home and crashed. Thanks to my loving and thoughtful husband who didn't bother me about making dinner, ordered pizza instead. I can barely walk today, my throat is killing me, and I'm dizzier than hell. I am worse off today than I was yesterday! WTF? Maybe it just took a couple days to catch up with me. Just wanted you all to know I'm alive. Barely.