Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farewell cleavage-the following may not be suitable reading for minors

Some of you have come to appreciate my tatas as much as I have. I'm not bragging. Getting old sucks and I have very few assets left to hang onto. I know they aren't Pamela Anderson great, but I can proudly say they are fairly perky and Au Natural.
See, growing up I was very athletic and some what of a late bloomer. Even when I finally did develop a chest, in like 11th grade, I was a B-cup until I got married and had kids. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere-BOOM! BLAM! There they were in all their D-cup glory. Some of you (other than my husband) have seen them first hand. Up close and personal. (Thanks to too many shots of Yager at a party with a hot tub. If I haven't apologized enough for that, I'M VERY SORRY). Unfortunately, I'm afraid it may be time to tell them good-bye. No. I'm not having breast reduction surgery or a double mastectomy. No offense to anyone who has. We women do what is necessary. They are being gradually reduced because I'm losing weight. Which by the way has been long overdue. And unfortunately, I lose from the top down. I'm doing my damnedest to make sure they don't go saggy. I will miss them. But I have to look at the big picture. Because I am sick and tired of looking at my big ass, big thighs and big waist any longer. FAREWELL CLEAVAGE! It's been a good run. Maybe if I save up enough money I'll get an "enhancement" later down the road. 'Til then... au revoir and adieu!


Bridge said...

You totally don't need to appologize. LOL. I have yet to, and I plan on never doing it.

Anyways, good luck losing your boobs! Dave can always buy you some new ones. /wink

The Dave said...


The Held Family said...

Thank heavens for those WATER BRAS! :-) I feel your pain - although, I gotta tell you, tennis has actually HELPED mine! Who knew! :-)

Just had to laugh AND comment on your blog :-)

Dave's sparkfriend...SKINNYSOON13