Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winning the Lottery

Once or twice a month I make the trek up to La Tienda, Idaho to join many in their quest to become an instant millionaire. I justify this by knowing I'm contributing to the education system. My son and I make it kind of a "date". He usually goes with me, and we have deep meaningful talks along the way. As deep an meaningful as a 10 year old boy's conversation can get mind you. For those reading this not familiar with where we live, It's about 30 minutes each way depending on traffic. Today, my son thought we should work on using "The Secret" and decide what to do with our winnings. See, he understands the secret and uses it all the time. He KNOWS we are going to win, but what WILL we do with all that money???
I decided to post our thoughts in hopes that the universe is listening and we will attract it to be.
My son decided we need a bigger home and more toys. How could I argue that? We would of course pay off all our debt. We would donate 10% to charity. We have a mental list of people we would "gift" large sums to for always being there for us. We would set up our mom's for the remainders of their lives. We would invest in our, retirement, etc. Then, with whatever is left we would take a nice long vacation to somewhere tropical. Maybe visit relatives in Alaska, Germany, Spain. Dave and I both like our jobs so we are not certain we would quit working as tempting as that would be. I personally would love to hire a personal tutor for the kids and travel, but I'm sure that would get old after a while. I would however LOVE to open my own business. This is MY dream. So universe, if you are listening, MAKE IT HAPPEN! We are good people and deserve good things. We are not selfish, and would share our newfound wealth. PEACE!


The Dave said...

Awesome blog babe! I believe!