Saturday, July 5, 2008


Latest movie rating by yours truly. I try to keep my posts short because I don't like to bore my (very few) readers, so I apologize ahead of time for this longer than usual one. When I "review" a movie, I do my best not to give away the plot, which is why the "review" part is pretty generic. I usually rate movies in 3 ways. 1) Good enough to pay for at the theater w/popcorn, candy, soda, the whole spiel 2) Wait for video/download, and 3) don't bother. This one was tough. I thought this movie was pretty entertaining. It was short-only 90 minutes long. Better than the reviews gave it, but it's not going to win any awards. I'm a big Will Smith fan though, so that might have a lot to do with my rating. I think it was matinée worthy just to see the effects on the big screen, but bring your own treats. Yea, I know that is frowned upon, but hey-too many movies out and not enough money to see them all. Plus, I used to work at Stadium 8 and can tell you the owner is making bank. Can you honestly say you see that money going BACK into the theaters upkeep and maintenance? Have you BEEN to the ladies bathroom lately?? And they only pay minimum wage.
Previous movie ratings are as follows: Kung Fu Panda & Wall-E get 1's. Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull gets a 2 mostly because it's a necessary addition to the collection. Iron Man gets a 2 just because my family liked it more than I did-otherwise it would get a 3. The Hulk I personally didn't go see, but again, husband and kids liked it, so it gets a 2. We will go see "Wanted" tonight or tomorrow. Maybe if I have sex with my husband before the movie he won't have to endure a major hard on for Angelina Jolie for 1 hour 48 minutes. Of course if I wait until after, it might be worth it :)
Get Smart & Love Guru will probably be seen this winter as a d/l when there is nothing else to watch. The only reason I want to see Love Guru is to see JT's character. I have mixed feelings about going to see "The Dark Knight". I'm still in mourning over losing Heath.


His Pale Muse said...

ive never heard of a man 'enduring a hard on'- they just have them. We endure them. Oh man im sick.