Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Thrift Stores

I was never much of a thrift store shopper prior to living in Utah and discovering D.I. (aka Deseret Industries, aka the mormon thrift store). Of course I have also discovered other thrift stores to shop and find treasures at. I also love the fact I can donate/recycle stuff. The reason I am so thankful is they save me money. I'll bet most of my closet is supplied by second hand clothing. I get more compliments on these pieces than my new stuff. Of course there are things I would never buy second hand...but I have found numerous items with the store tags still attached. I even found $10/plate Dillard's china for 75 cents a plate. BARGAIN!


Bridge said...

I never find good stuff. Never.


jess said...

i find good stuff @ DI all the time!! not every time... but often.