Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am thankful there are people willing to to fight and give their lives for our continued freedom.
I am thankful that we have freedom of speech.
I am thankful that we have rights.
I am thankful that we have laws and order and justice.
I am mostly thankful that I have the option to vote.
Why? you wonder. Because ignorant people should not be allowed to vote. I think to vote you should have to take a pretest of sorts that questions your knowledge of the items you are voting on. If you do not score 100% then you don't get to vote. A lot of people vote because it's their right but have NO idea what they are voting for. How many of you go to vote and just pick whatever because you did not know about the issue at hand? Just because you can doesn't mean you should. And if your going to do it, educate yourself!
I have never been very political. And if I don't understand it, I do not feel I can make an educated decision. I'm all about fairness. It wouldn't be fair to this great country we live in if I went in to vote all willy nilly and screwed up the whole damn thing.
Surely I could do more research and educate myself on the issues. However. A lot of things just piss me off. Like the fact that neither presidential candidate is appealing to me to be able to run this country. Like the fact that we have to even consider whether or not to leave undeveloped land. Like the fact that people feel they have the right to dictate whether homosexuals have the right to get married or not. These issues piss me off. Therefore, I chose to exercise my right NOT to vote.
It's my right. If you don't like it. Too bad. Next election proposition for mandatory voting. While your at it put a microchip in me and a barcode on the back of my right hand.


Michael said...

Well put.

Bridge said...

I voted... There was only one thing on the ballot that I didn't realize would be there and didn't know what to put. All the rest I had an opinion on.

jess said...

you can always leave something blank if you aren't sure...