Thursday, May 29, 2008


Competitive Soccer is almost over. I'm sure my son would agree with my title of this post, since he is showing signs of soccer burnout. I'm just burned out on the long trips to Mendon, Garland, anywhere outside of Logan. I wouldn't mind half as much if the dumb-ass coach actually PLAYED my son more than 5-7 minutes per game. HIS son gets A LOT of playing time. HIS son kinda sucks. At least MY son has actually made a goal this year. He's contributed to the team. HIS son is lucky to know which direction they are aiming at that particular point in the game. Ok, so I'm bias. I'm a parent. And, I may end up arrested if this coach yells at my son one more time. I've been known to throw punches or slaps when I'm pushed to my anger limit. For the most part, I'm just happy it's almost over. For my son's sake, not my own :)


David said...

LOL FYI but Austin has scored a goal as well.. But Dawson has put himself in position for a heck of alot more scoring opportunities, just hasn't hit the back of the net. I know your glad but I'm gonna miss sitting on the sidelines cheering my son on.