Friday, May 16, 2008


I golf. Well, I TRY to golf. I'm not horrible. But I'm not great either. I have a temper...because golfing tests my patience. I've been known to throw clubs. I acquired a set last summer from my boss and promised myself I would go more this year. I went 2 times last Fall and overheated one time which left me feeling like a huge out-of-shape loser. I used to play often before I got married. I actually hit a hole in one once too. TOTALLY beginners luck. I like most outdoor activities, but I'm still indifferent on the whole golfing thing. Maybe by the end of this season I'll change my mind. We'll see.


Michael said...

golfing=very fun time, how did you do?

Al said...

I've only ever played mini-golf and they don't serve booze (crap, I tell you).

David said...

Hey your a pretty good golfer!! I know I regret selling our set when we moved out here as well. I wouldn't mind going again but I don't think I can play Logan River.. Too much water! OH and why is it called Word Verification when the word is 'yaabtll'. Really.. thats a word?