Friday, May 2, 2008

Things that suck

This is going to be an ongoing post. I try to be positive MOST of the time, but I feel the need to bitch today so here it is. Things that I think suck:
Being a woman: I don't care what the experts say. It's not wonderful. It's not magical. I'm NOT embracing it. Hormone fluctuations. Periods. Cramps. Childbirth & every day after that...
Boobs: I know many men will not agree with this, but having boobs sucks. This may not be an issue for skinny bitches. Unless they are surgically enhanced and many eventually regret that.
Bills: There is NEVER enough money from mid to end of the pay period.
Getting old: Managing weight gets harder. Hips growing Horizontally. Waking up with a different ache and pain each day. Wrinkles. Dark circles. Bags under the eyes.
Tweenagers: See previous post.
Pets: Love em. Hate em. Vet bills. Pee. Poop. Hair.
Housekeeping: It's NEVER done!
Weather in Utah: Unpredictable as hell.
More to come, I'm sure...


Michael said...

note on tweenagers: soon to be full blown teenagers within a few months. ha ha ha

David said...

Yeah and I have you by 3 years love muffin!

Bridge said...

You must of had the week I had. /sigh