Friday, June 19, 2009


Monday June 15th Dawson was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.
AKA "Sixty Five Roses".
It's genetic. Dave and I are carriers.
You never expect it to be you. It's always someone else.
Dawson is absolutely fine.
We are very lucky that he has a mild case and it is manageable from home.
We spent a couple of days this week at Primary Children's Medical Center.
What an amazing place. With amazing people.
I'm still not sure how to feel about everything.
It's kinda overwhelming.
It's expensive.
It's life changing.
A lot of breathing apparatuses. A lot of pills.
A lot of time.
But he's worth it.
I want to thank everyone for all their love and support.
And next time you see Dawson he will be a new man.
Every time. Give him a hug.
I am amazed and thankful every day of my life for modern medicine.
I have a new perspective on life.
And how very precious it really is.