Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We only have one car. The upside of this is we don't have a lot of auto expenses. The downside is it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. It requires a lot of planning and I drive everyone around more than I would like.
So yesterday 6pm rolls around and I'm taking a siesta when I hear the phone ring. I knew it was Dave calling for his taxi home from work. Sometimes he walks. Weather permitting and if he has proper footwear. We only live a mile from his work.
Dawson comes running up the stairs and says "Dad told me to give you a message to come get him at work". I was already getting dressed. I went potty and washed up and took a quick glance in the mirror to make sure I was presentable and headed out the door. The kids were planted on the couch watching the boob tube and I told them "I'll be right back, just going to get dad from work".
So I get to NDT and wait. I forgot my cell phone. Surely Dave would come out to check to see if I was there. I thought he must have decided to walk home and I was sitting like a fool in the parking lot waiting for him. I couldn't go in and look for him because the doors lock after 6pm. I got impatient after 20 minutes and went back home. Here is the conversation that occurred when I got home.
Dawson: "Where did you go mom?"
Me: "Is your dad here?"
Dawson: "No. He called like 100 times".
Me: "I looked right at BOTH of you and said 'I'm going to go get dad from work I'll be right back. did you tell him I was on my way??'
Dawson: "I thought maybe you decided to go shopping instead."
Me: "Yea. I was on my way to pick up your dad from work and thought to myself. I think I'll go shopping instead".
Dawson: "Well I didn't know!"
WTF?? Something is seriously wrong with our children. I called Dave and after bantering about whose fault it was that he was now walking home (apparently mine since I forgot my cell phone to call him when I got there) I started making dinner. Note to self. ALWAYS take cell phone. Maybe next time I WILL go shopping instead.


The Dave said...

I blame Ben.. Alright I should have looked for you but I am so used to you calling when your pulling into the parking lot.