Monday, October 6, 2008


The internet knows me better than I do because this description is DEAD ON!

LIBRA - The Harmonizer ~ my official Roller Derby handle
(Sept 23 - Oct 22) ~ mark your calendars dammit! It's September 27th
Nice to everyone they meet ~ especially if there is Jager involved
Can't make up their mind ~ I can so. ok, no I can't. sometimes I can.
Have own unique appeal ~ too bad this doesn't apply to RICH men
Creative, energetic, and very social ~ it's all a facade
Hates to be alone ~ especially if I'm getting a massage-wink wink
Peaceful, generous ~ as opposed to noisy and selfish
Very loving and beautiful ~ AW! Thank you!
Flirtatious ~ don't forget attention hog
Gives in too easily ~ only if there is chocolate involved. Who am I kidding? ANY food...
Procrastinators ~ If it gets done AT ALL it's a miracle
Very gullible ~ I prefer naive, thank you very much

So tell me what YOU think? Is the internet DEAD ON or what???


The Dave said...

LOL good one babe.. and pretty dead on..