Thursday, September 11, 2008


Kids: having a teenage daughter is driving me to drink. LITERALLY. and I'm talking the hard stuff.
Bowling: I bowled my butt off last Wednesday :) 176 / 159 / 163 Not too shabby for 2nd week!
Work: We are supposed to move to our new digs on the 29th. C'mon Quest! Get your shiz together already!
Diet: I'm still on the proverbial physical and emotional roller coaster
Birthday plans: I got my new bike as an early birthday gift, and a trip to see my mom coming up. I want to get inked while I'm in Reno. Is that weird? Maybe turning 40 won't be too bad after all...


His Pale Muse said...

what kind of tattoo do you want?

Nan said...

I'm thinking dragonfly...but I haven't found one I LOVE yet. My mom has a bumblebee on her shoulder and I'm thinking I'll have it put on the same shoulder.