Friday, March 21, 2008


So today I come back to work from lunch and am experiencing major heartburn. Or at least I think it's heartburn. My mind reels. Maybe it's NOT heartburn. No, I'm just being paranoid. Thing is, I'm NOT in the best of shape. I've been neglecting my body for years now, and I'm pushing 40. I eat like crap. Chest hurts. Head spins when I stand. Google "heart attack". I have some of the listed symptoms. Should I go to the ER? No, I'm just being paranoid. I take 2 aspirin(just in case), leave 15 minutes early-which I'm sure I'll hear about Monday, but hey! It was slow anyway and besides..I'M HAVING A FREAKIN' HEART ATTACK! I go home and take a heartburn medicine and lay down. If I don't wake up, I'll know it was a heart attack. Or I guess I wont know. whatever. I wake up 3 hours later and feel somewhat better. Having some minor pain now. No, I'm just being paranoid...I'm sure that's all it is...paranoia.


Bridge said...

ARE YOU SURE YOUR OK??? Wow... Please let me know your doing fine. I hope it was just a bad day and not anything real.